Why Do We Really Want Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery has many uses; surgeons use it when people have been badly scarred in an accident, or when a person has particular birth defects. Plastic surgery is also used for cosmetic purposes, and this is what most people think about when they hear the phrase plastic surgery.

Until recently only well-known celebrities or very wealthy women had plastic surgery that was designed to improve their looks or to help them stay looking youthful. There are different procedures that come under the umbrella term of plastic surgery.

Nowadays even teenage girls will save the money for a breast augmentation, especially if they hope to start a modeling career. Unfortunately, some young girls are so desperate that they will travel abroad where breast augmentation can be had much more cheaply but often leaves the person with complications.

Rhinoplasty is a form of plastic surgery that is undertaken for both medical and cosmetic reasons. Rhinoplasty refers to the changing or remodeling of a person’s nose. Sometimes this is undertaken when a person has an accident, and they are left with an unsightly break in their nose.

At other times people will pay for rhinoplasty because they don’t like the shape of size of their nose. Rhinoplasty is a difficult form of plastic surgery as the surgeon has to be very precise in his or her calculations. Occasionally an operation goes wrong, and the person has to go back for remedial surgery.

As people get older, their facial muscles alter and skin drops and wrinkles. An increasing number of women now go for a face lift, where the loose skin is cut and taken up to make the person’s face smoother and more youthful looking. People have eye lifts, and they have excess skin removed from under the eyes.

Most websites do not give a cost breakdown for different procedures, and you will generally have to call the clinic and speak to the surgeon or the secretary to get an idea of how much a particular procedure will cost. Most plastic surgeons will want to speak with the person and go through the procedure with them before they agree to undertake the operation.

Once you have spoken to the surgeon and had the procedure explained to you, the doctor may want to undertake some tests before surgery takes place. You should enquire whether the cost of the surgery also covers the cost of the tests or you could find that you are paying out more than you anticipated. Tests will include x-rays and blood tests and quite possibly a cardiology examination.

You will need pain medication following the operation and possibly some anti-inflammatory pills. In certain circumstances, slight infections can occur, and you may need antibiotics. When you are working out the costs of your operation, you should include all these extras if you don’t want to over run your budget.

Plastic surgery costs are high, and it is possible to get some procedures done much more cheaply if you go abroad, but you do need to make sure that the surgeon you book in with has the right qualifications. You should check what sort of accommodation you will have during your stay and whether that is included or is an additional expense.