Why a sit up bench is all you need

There are a lot of exercises to maintain that muscular and fit body. One of it is the sit up bench from topicfit.com/best-sit-up-bench. This equipment is designed to enhance and tone your upper arms especially your biceps and triceps. It will also affect your abdomen and thighs. This kind of stuff has a rack on the end which takes hold of weights and the barbell. This is solely made for the person who wants a leaner body. You can either sit or lie on it. You just have to choose a position wherein you are comfortable in. This is usually done by spreading your legs while lifting a barbell with the aid of your arms.

If you are wondering if there is another option, well certainly there is. Instead of using a barbell, you can opt for a dumbbell. This typically doesn’t have a rack on it, but it has a shape similar to a flat bench. This could be easier for some other people. There are a lot of this type which comprises a modifiable upper half which will permit you to have a variety of angles and intensities.

Generally speaking, a sit up bench can lend a hand on building up muscles in your body. It can aid you to have a better workout routine. All you have to do is to properly utilize this tool. Once you know how to use it accurately, you are ready to go. To see good results, do this in four to five weeks. Start with five sets first and increase it when you can. Never push to your limits when you can’t handle it. The golden rule states that you must start with a small approach. You just have to make sure you are consistent with this one.

Here is how to do these exercises:


Adjust your sit-up bench to an incline that you are comfortable with. Position yourself on the sit-up bench and slowly crunch your shoulders and upper back off the sit-up bench. Don’t come all the way up, rather just crunch your upper body up.

Oblique crunch

You perform the oblique crunch the same way as you do the traditional crunch, but instead of crunching straight up, you crunch to the side to targets the obliques.

Weighed crunch

The weighted crunch is the advanced version of the traditional crunch. Do it while holding a weight, either on your chest or above your head with your elbows bent. It makes it more of a challenge and will give you results faster.

Partner toss

The partner toss adjusts the traditional crunch so that it works your upper and your lower abs. Have a partner toss a medicine ball for you while you sit on the sit-up bench, go down into a crunch position, and come up while you throw the ball back to your partner.

Knee pull ins

Adjust your sit-up bench, so that is flat at a 90-degree angle to the ground (if possible). Sit on the bench’s edge with your hands behind your bum. Slowly extend your legs outwards and slightly downwards and bring them in towards your knees.

These exercises are the best for getting a flat and sexy six pack in no time. Include them in your exercise routine on a regular basis, and you will get the best out of your sit-up bench while also targeting your abs the right way.